Best Computer for Music Production and recording 2018

Today we are looking for the fantastic computers for music production and recording as well. So you have all the essential things like music production gear, keyboards, speakers and most importantly the ideas attacking around in your brain.

But what about the computer or music production that is the backbone of your entire digital music production setup? When it comes to the music make a computer, we want to settle some anxiety, and it isn’t too big of a deal. We have to pay attention to our requirements only.

There are a majority of computers are out there, it is quite difficult to choose the perfect one that is suitable for your needs. Here we are going to look for the fantastic computer for music production and recording as well.

Basically, you have to buy a computer with fast single core performance. According to researchers, 8th generation Intel i7 processors are the best, but 7the generation isn’t far behind. And if you want the best computer for music production, then you should seek help from professionals.

As for ram don’t go less than 8GB, we highly recommended that getting a configuration with 16 GB RAM would be better for you. Keep reading the article and acquire the best computer for music production and recording.

• Apple iMac

Apple iMacIf you are buying a new Apple computer for music production, then you should get 5K 27 iMac. Such gadgets are easily upgradeable on the 5K model. It will take not less than two minutes; it’s like plugging in a power cord.

Grab the lower 8GB configuration model and purchase 16 or 32 GB RAM kit separately. In fact, if you look at the frequently bought together section on commercial site. You will see that is exactly what people do.

The screen is incredible and buying a similar quality option would cost you around more than $1000.

• HP ENVY all-in-one computer

Such computers are killer deals and have comes with the perfect spec for audio production. The touchscreen has an IPS display for incredible viewing angles. You can get 4 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI in and out.

Two hard drives
1 TB 7200RPM HDD and 128GB SSD
You can also grab the GeForce Gtx 950m graphics cards with 4GB RAM.

• Dell XPS 8920

There are plenty of choices available for tower PCs for your audio recording and editing studio. The benefits of tower computer are that you tend to get fantastic performance in the cheaper worth.
These usually don’t come with a monitory thus you will have to keep in a mind when choosing a particular PC. You can grab Dell XPS 8930 at around $1300 with incredible features and will run your favorite DAW at fantastic speed.

Intel i7-8700 CPU

For connectivity you can grab 7 USB 3.0 ports and HDMI, Ethernet and Bluetooth as well. Don’t forget to grab a monitor too.